Divage, brand of makeup, fragrances, skincare and accessories, has built up its own identity by putting maximum emphasis on the quality of its products - created, formulated and made in Italy by the most authoritative Companies in the sector – with an extremely cute and colourful range able to win over a wide and very attentive target. The extensive range, the attention to detail, the look & feel and the high performance of the products make Divage a qualified Beauty Consultant that is inspired by a dynamic and trendy woman.

The on-going collection boasts more than 450 references covering all make-up segments: eyes, brows, nails, lips, face, fragrances and accessories and throughout the year there are at least two one-shot collections, numerous new product launches and promotions for the store.

The strategy of development implemented by the Company that owns the brand - Divage Fashion Srl – has led to having a high number of points of sale in Italy in just less than two years. Divage Fashion, which belongs to an important Russian holding company, United Europe, also markets Divage in the rest of the world where it is already present with consolidated business in Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, North Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and many more...